Theoretical CS

1.1 Setting up the Environment

Let’s make sure your computer is set up! We’ll be going over what everything is in class.

Visual Studio Code

This is the IDE we’ll be using for this class, but if you are comfortable with another, feel free to stick with what you are using.

  1. Click on this link and download the version corresponding to your computer.


You will be using Overleaf to write your homework submissions. This requires using a markup language called LaTeX. I will show a demo in class for how to export the PDFs which you will be submitting.

  1. Create an account on Overleaf.


We will be using Scala 2. Make sure your computer environment is properly set up to compile and run Scala programs.

  1. Install the Scala (Metals) extension for VS Code.
  2. Follow these instructions for installing Coursier.
  3. Run cs install cs in your terminal.
  4. Run cs setup in your terminal.
  5. Check your installation by running scala in your terminal. A scala shell should pop up. You can exit by typing :quit.


On your desktop (or preferred folder), create a new folder titled TheoreticalCS. This is where you’ll keep all your files for this course.

1.2 Taste of Scala >>