Programming in Python/Java

These are introductory courses meant for students with no prior experience in computer science.

In these courses, students are introduced to basic programming concepts. Projects and labs help students develop their ability to design, write, and debug programs. Readings about historic and current events are assigned to explore the social impacts of technology.


This full-year course is geared toward younger students in high school.

  1. Getting Started
    1. Computer Skills
    2. Using a Terminal
    3. Running and Compiling Code
  2. Programming Basics
    1. Memory, Variables, and Operators
    2. Taking User Input
    3. Using Libraries
  3. Text Based Game
    1. Conditionals
    2. Documentation
    3. User Testing
  4. Art with Processing
    1. Loops
    2. Functions
  5. Designing Software
    1. Classes and Class Methods
    2. Project Structure
  6. Software and Hardware
    1. Reading Signals and Sensors
    2. Building an Instrument